Body Composition Analysis

What is Body Composition Analysis?

Body composition analysis (BCA) uses x-rays or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) to measure body weight in terms of bone, lean mass and fat mass. It can help determine weight management plans or training programs to help you meet your health goals.

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Who can benefit from the test?

This scan is helpful for people in weight management programs as well as those in training or in rehabilitation from an injury. It shows specifically where and how much fat, lean mass, and bone is located in the body. For those people in weight management programs, these results could help you determine your risk of obesity related conditions. Knowing where your fat is stored may make a significant difference in health outcomes. Looking at changes over time can measure progress of a weight management program and how best to adapt to those changes.

For athletes, it can also show changes over time to physical training or rehabilitation and how your lean and fat mass is distributed. The color-coded reporting system is very specific with high accuracy revealing distribution of skeletal muscles and visceral and peripheral fat stores. It provides a visual comparison over time so training programs can be adjusted to meet your goals.

What happens during the test?

Plan for a 30 minute appointment. The scan generally only takes 3-5 minutes. Your results are available immediately following the exam and explained by our technologist. We will also send the report to your health care provider. You will lay face up on the DEXA table while the system scans your body. It is noninvasive and painless.

How do I prepare for the Body Composition Analysis?

Wear light and comfortable clothing without zippers or metal. Scrub top and pants are also available. Be normally hydrated and empty bowels and bladder before the exam. Do not eat or exercise vigorously 4-6 hours prior to the study. For subsequent scans, perform them at the same time of day. For women, complete the test on the same day of your menstrual cycle as the prior scan.

What is the radiation dose of a Body Composition Analysis?

The radiation dose delivered by a delivered BodyLogic™ (copywright Hologic) scan equals the background radiation received from the environment in one day.

What is the cost of a Body Composition Analysis?

Insurance does not cover body composition analysis testing. An order is not required, but we will send the report to your provider.

Iowa Radiology charges $49 per scan or 3 scans for $139 due at the time of service.



For more information about Hologic’s BodyLogic® scan, visit

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